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Enjoy a secure
certificate issuance

Process digital identity authentication without
the interference of third-party companies.

Easy signup
and login
The use of blockchain and biometrics allow
a simple and secure access to your accounts.


You can store and access numerous credentials
in MYKEEPiN App to identify yourself, anytime, anywhere.
High Security
Keep your personal information protected
against the risks associated with online services.
Personal information
You control who has access to your information
and for how long.
What's at the core of MYKEEPiN?
Shared, digitized record of data
that cannot be changed once
a transaction has been logged and verified.

(Decentralized Identifier)
Personal information management method which provides individuals
with ownership of their personal data.

(Self-Sovereign Identity)
Model that enables individuals to not only possess sole ownership of their online and offine identities,
but also to control the sharing and distribution of their personal data without any intermediary.

(Decentralized PKI)
dPKI is a cryptographic algorithm
that provides a secure method to transfer digital data where blockchain acts as a decentralized key-value storage.
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enjoy a secure identification experience
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